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Book Overview

The book is a memoir based on the author's broken marriage and pseudo-feminism through the lens of the Family Court system.

The author writes that the discriminatory Judicial System constantly stood against him when his wife Karen wrongfully accused him of sexually abusing their daughter.

He was constantly judged during the lawsuit process because of the color of his skin despite there being no solid evidence against him.

The book shows how the American Judicial System is laced with prejudice and is clearly very different for white people and people of color.

Americans should be concerned with how family courts around the country connive against you.

Chapter One

The Relationship: Then and Now

Chapter Two

The Cause for Move, Settling Down and Schooling

Chapter Three

Army Reserves: Outgoing/Incoming Unit Transfer

Chapter Four

Post-Deployment Reintegration Challenges & Family Planning

Chapter Five

Married with Children, Home Ownership, and College Graduation

Chapter Six

Maintaining A Balance With Army Reserves, Career and Family

Chapter Seven

Children and Youth Services (CYS) Labeled The Allegations of Child Abuse Unfounded and Unsubstantiated

Chapter Eight

Petitions for Custody and Support in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas of Pennsylvania

Chapter Nine

Abington Police, The District Attorney (DA)’s Office of Montgomery County, Opposing Counsel and Karen

About The Author

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Wilkenson Francois

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